Motion Typography:

During my first steps in graphic design, I gave a lot of importance to personal research in terms of visual design. I thought it was essential to develop my own style in order to stand out. At first, I was focused on illustration, inspired by graffiti writers and illustrators coming from graffiti itself. This was some kind of smooth transition from graffiti to graphic design.

Later, I got into 3D and motion design. I was seeing more and more visuals that were using depth and was frustrated not knowing how to do it. I quickly understood that I wasn’t possible to do with Adobe software, so I turned myself to 3D programs in order to break the boundaries of a graphic designer’s usual tools.

Since then, I created an instagram profile to show- case my work and get a feel of what’s good and what’s not. I also managed to meet passionate people and made crazy connections over the years, such as Ligature, Swiss Typefaces, Balmer Haehlen, Studio Dumbar and many others.

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